Assassins Creed Revelations5 gets the job done!

Presentation - Assassins’s Creed: Brotherhood is the direct sequel towards the acclaimed Assassins Creed 2 of 2009. Ubisoft Montreal are the developers together with publisher Ubisoft. AC:B may be catagorized like a historic action adventure game for the PC, Playstation 3 slim and Xbox.

The button layouts, menus and navigation are very just like Assassin’s Creed 2 which provided some familiarity from the start. The whole “look” of this game is vintage Assassin’s Creed Ubi Montreal kept the recipe for fulfillment in tact. The storyline is mostly composed of Ezio establishing a brotherhood of assassins so they can retake the Apple of Eden.

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I wouldn’t be a reputable reviewer basically didn’t inform you of the glitches i encountered. The worst glitch i encountered was following the Colosseum ”play” mission if you need to stop the assassination of Machiavelli..Well, after i kept jumping into the river i kept falling lol. I fell underneath the map of Rome. It happened like Four times back to back and i also were required to keep playing the checkpoint over till i discovered an easy method across the river. Other than that, the glitches weren’t that bad. Overall, this was the glitchiest Assassins Creed game i ever played.

Graphics - apart from the fact a lot of the game happens in Rome. The sport looks the same visually enjoy it did in Assassins Creed 2. Rome gave you some nice vistas to check out just like the Colosseum etc. Rome was big and expansive with good textures, art and colors. Because of the location of AC:Brotherhood i give it the crown of the finest looking AC game.

Assassins Creed Revelations Review

Sound - they added new voice reactions for the crowds forget about hearing every time you throw money towards the poor people “money money” “todays my lucky day” etc. The crowds seemed more intelligent and alive because of the things they say. The background music was pretty good in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. The dialog was decent inside the cutscenes and kept you tuned to the story throughout the game. Some decent orchestra tracks made you are feeling as if you were transported in 1400/1500 Italy.

Gameplay - is more deep and diverse in comparison to any Assassins Creed game i've played. Town is full and alive with the amount of details. You should buy and renovate almost any building in Rome. The Lair of Romulus missions had excellent platforming sections. The Leonardo machine missions were very fun and various from almost every other elements of the overall game. Some Leonardo missions had you stealing a fish tank, a bomber along with a boat that will reign destruction recorded on huge navy ships.

Assassins Creed Revelations Review

The inclusion of recruiting and leveling up assassins was great also. Yea, you may use those assassins nearly every time through the game. The gameplay in AC:B is a lot deeper with additional activities than any other Assassins Creed game (i'd like that in reality). You can play the bingo a very long time so don’t worry about if it is short, it isn’t.

Replayability - multiplayer may be the biggest component included with the AC:B plus it isn’t just a add multiplayer either…its actually addictive and fun. There is a perk system, upgrade tree too many modes and characters to try out with. The long deep single player and inclusion of the good solid unique addicting multiplayer makes AC playable up until the next game comes out.

Verdict - Assassins Creed Brotherhood is the deepest version from the franchise with replayability. Some glitches are present through the game however. Despite having the second it will be the best Assassins Creed yet imo. I hope they clear up that ending with all the next game.

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